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Are you ready for a breathtaking adventure? Then it’s time to go parasailing. Parasailing is a fun recreational kiting activity where you get towed behind a boat while attached to a specially designed canopy wing, which resembles a parachute and is known as a parasail wing. At Adventure Watersports, you’ll have a blast parasailing high up in the clear blue sky over the breathtaking Atlantic Ocean.

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Is Parasailing Safe?

While parasailing certainly is a thrilling adrenaline rush, it also is a perfectly safe activity. Our team always makes sure to provide the safest and most memorable parasail experience possible. To further prove that your safety is our utmost priority, we consistently keep an eye on the weather to guarantee that mother nature is on our side.

So, grab your friends, family, or just yourself, and experience Singer Island from a whole new vantage point. Partake in the ultimate adventure and make a reservation to go parasailing at Adventure Watersports today!

Do I Need Experience?

You do not. Parasailing is simple and easy! We will go over the basics and make sure you are prepared before we take off.

Are There Any age limits?

Youngsters between 6 and 18 years can only parasail with the signed permission of their guardian, and passengers over 18 can sign for themselves. Adventure Watersports welcomes people of all ages. We’ve even had a lady 90-year-old parasailing!

are there any weight limits?

This could change hourly or daily, but the general minimum is 90 lbs. and the maximum is 450 lbs. The captain makes the final decision.

Do you do doubles or triples?

Yes, we have special equipment that makes it really comfortable to fly two or three people side by side.

Do you take off from the beach?

We used to, but now we have boats and equipment specially built for parasailing. You lift off and land on the back deck of the boat.

Will I get wet?

Parasailers only get wet if the captain dips you in the water before your landing. If you prefer not to be “dipped” it’s a good idea to inform the captain and crew.

can i go along to watch?

We reserve guaranteed spots for Observers that have purchased a "Spectator" ticket.

How long does parasailing last?

You will be on the boat from an hour to an hour and a half. The boat holds up to 12 people, and we take turns flying one, two, or three people at a time.

looking to try some parasailing? book your reservation at adventure watersports!

The best way to make a reservation is online and you will receive a confirmation. Otherwise, you can also make one by phone at 561-729-0690. Contact us today to book your adventure!

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