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Bring out the crew and enjoy wakeboarding and water skiing at Adventure Watersports! Once you get on the board, you’ll feel the breeze on your face and the thrill of dashing over the ocean. Children and adults alike can try this activity and feel like they are skateboarding on the water. Let us show you the more adventurous and sporty side of the sea with wakeboarding and water skiing!

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what happens when you go wakeboarding and water skiing?

We take up to six passengers per trip, and the activities take place on the Intracoastal Waterway in West Palm Beach, Florida. When conditions are suitable offshore, we can wakeboard and water ski right in front of the beach on Singer Island. Once our team gets everything ready, you step on the board, and we tow you behind one of our motorboats so you can safely ride the waves. We charge per person and ensure you remain safe with the proper equipment.

is wakeboarding fit for beginners?

With the right effort, even beginners can be on top of the water after a short lesson! Here are a few tips if you want to give wakeboarding your first try:

  • Always bend your knees

  • Keep the handle close to your hips

  • Don't hesitate to ask us any questions

try wakeboarding & water ski with watersports!

If you want to spice up your family trip, wakeboarding and water skiing can be perfect for you. Call us today to book a reservation and enjoy the sea like never before!

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