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Get Wet Watersports

Get Wet Watersports

Florida is all about sunshine and water. With over eight thousand miles of coast, water-related activities are some of the state’s biggest draws.  

Adventure Watersports is one of Florida’s premier providers of water-based fun! We have exciting chartered activities for the entire family. If you want to spice up a vacation or break up the weekend routine, here’s how we deliver an unforgettable time. 

Get Wet Watersports Activities  

Although we are primarily known for our charter and parasail services, we offer a wide range of activities, including anything from Tubing to Water Skiing. Below are some of our most popular options. 


Breathtaking views and an accelerating experience await you with our parasailing experience. This exciting activity will see you and a friend or loved one safely strapped to a specially designed canopy wing that functions similarly to a parachute.  

The canopy is hoisted onto a boat that will accelerate, lifting you dozens of feet in the air for an unmatched view of the beaches and surrounding ocean. The entire experience lasts up to an hour and a half. We can bring six people on the boat and take turns flying up to three people at a time.  

Private Charter

Our charters are our most popular activity. You can customize your experience to last anywhere from two to eight hours and include as many activities as your family and friends would like. While on your private charter, here’s what you can enjoy: 

  • Tubing

  • Wakeboarding

  • Water Skiing

  • Snorkeling and swimming

  • Exploration of nearby islands

  • Sightseeing

  • Waterfront dining and picnics

There’s much to do during the private charter, and we will happily offer suggestions and guide you through the experience.


Tubing is one of the most popular family activities we offer. This experience is perfect for kids! Our tubes are large enough to hold three people, and we will pull you around the beautiful coast at an exciting yet safe speed. 


Floridians often complain about the lack of nature sightseeing in the state, but that is because they are not looking in the right places. Just below the surface, there are sprawling ecosystems filled with coral reefs and stunning wildlife. Our crew will take you to the best places to snorkel so you and your family can have an unforgettable experience taking in the sights of the many colorful fish species near our shores.  

wakeboarding and water skiing

Claim control of the waves with an exhilarating wakeboarding or water-skiing experience! We can bring up to six passengers per trip, and we will teach you the safest way to take on this exciting activity. Our crew will make your time as fun as possible, only taking you to a speed you feel comfortable with and helping you take pictures so you can remember your time with us for years to come!  

sunset cruises

After a day full of fun, what better way to bring it all home than with a beautiful sunset over the water? We will take you to the most scenic locations and let you, your friends, or your family take in the sights while you enjoy your favorite beverages.  

Ready for An Unforgettable Time with Adventure Watersports?  

Our professional crew is equipped to help you achieve the ideal time out at sea. If you are ready to bring your vacation to the next level and enjoy Florida to the fullest, give us a call today!  

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